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Engagement Practice


Our focus is industrial, health care, and commercial markets in four practice areas: Business Simulations, Research, Data Streaming, and Data Science. We help clients integrate advanced technologies into operations and products.


Identify business areas and product groups where an injection of advanced technology brings outsized impact.


Define high value projects based on  the roadmap. Develop business cases for winning solutions or product concepts.


Research the technical requirements, and execute experiments to evaluate the probability of technical and commercial success.


Build an Alpha of a working model, data stream, or software that satisfies the defined use case. De-risk the project.


Productize the prototype technology. Develop and deploy software, AI or streams into production flows.


We work with clients at any phase of our engagement cycle. Many engagements are with a single phase anywhere along the journey or a number of successive phases. The majority of our work has centered around Feasibility and development of Prototypes.


Many clients retain our team long term as their advanced innovation lab for research, development, and production deployments.


Many companies that embark on the AI and Data Science journey begin by considering the totality of their business and developing a comprehensive picture of how advanced technologies will help improve customer experience, business performance, or to lower risk. In this phase we work with you to plan strategic projects for the next 12-36 months.

Other companies choose to test the waters by building a rapid, high value prototype first, then develop the strategic roadmap that includes the lessons learned. We embrace both approaches to help you design the shortest journey to AI-enabled company


With the strategic roadmaps in place, we define projects that fulfill the objectives of the plan. We review the possibilities, then prioritize and truncate the list to a set of key, high-value initiatives.



Projects vary in their degree of complexity. Some have been done before and are low risk opportunities to extract value. Other projects require research, novel approaches, and managing incomplete data. A feasibility study is a rigorous evaluation of the project to lower the risk of investment.

Our team researches prior work, methods, available data, capabilities of existing teams and other factors to calculate the risk score for key projects: Probability of Technical and Commercial Success.



By our definition, the prototype is a Minimal Viable Product designed to prove the concept, test assumptions with users and customers, and to gain knowledge about the performance of the product. These elements inform the decisions on how to make the product a success with the target users, be they external customers or internal teams.


We assist internal teams with scaling and commercializing prototypes. Our involvement with commercialization ranges from guidance on specific technologies and methods, to running complete development teams for the duration of the commercialization effort.

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