Practice Areas


We work with large businesses and organizations, government, and startups that are developing advanced technologies.


High fidelity Business Simulations to predict the behavior of complex processes and systems.

Data Science

Data Science model research, development, and implementation for analytics and operations.


Applied research to deliver academic advances to practical industrial and commercial use cases.

Data in Motion

IoT data acquisition, cleaning, and analysis at high velocity, high volume, in real-time.


Defense departments, think tanks, academic teams and select businesses have been using high-fidelity simulations to predict the behavior of complex processes for decades: war games, supply chain behaviors, impact of trade laws, changes in the physical system, etc. These simulations have progressively grown in sophistication and accuracy coupled to the progress in computational technology, mathematical game theory, artificial intelligence and sophistication of business management practices. Until now these high-fidelity simulations were primarily the purview of well-budgeted or specialized teams.

Ordinal Science delivers a business simulation engine, Ordinal AI, to companies in the general commercial sphere. Ordinal AI integrates real-world details at real-time speeds. It incorporates probability theory, machine learning, process physics, labor psychology, process behaviors into an ensemble of models that generates future data. These data have a validated statistical accuracy to facilitate decision making with the confidence afforded by historical record.



We make your products smarter, your processes more efficient, and your technology a differentiator from competition.

We tackle the thorny problems in core industries where our focused experience with commercializing academic research multiplies the power of your team. We work with you on the "next big thing" or on incremental improvements to existing products or processes.


We connect your data from different sources in real-time with focus on data integrity. What does it mean?

As data comes in from devices, production, orders, and users every second, we merge it into connected streams and serve it back to applications in real-time. The key ingredient is data integrity. We apply mathematical models, filters, AI, and data science techniques to guarantee:




 Another specialty is modeling key metrics into a single score that is an accurate descriptor of the health of your business, a process, or performance of key teams. It is like a Grade Point Average number for your business in real-time.


We work within the entire spectrum of data science and advanced analytics. Our special focus is on mathematical and composite models. We integrate analytical approaches with the standard tools of data science including neural networks, ensemble models, and graph analysis.